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Where can I find the lyrics of your Numtums songs Number 1, Number 2, Number 3 ect.... This is for the english lessons of a french little homeschooler girl . Thx Numtums.


Hello from the USA! We don't currently know of anywhere we can watch Numberblocks on television, but thanks to YouTube my 4 year old son has become a huge fan. Consequently, he has also become a math wizard! Given he's such a fan, we're so disappointed we can't purchase any merchandise (he wants the blocks!) or order dvds (as they are only available in region 2). Are they any plans to expand to America in the near future?


I have a daughter that loves the Furchester Hotel. When I look it up, google shows that there are over 100 episodes but we can only get access to half of them on Netflix. Were they ever available on DVD?


Hi I am a primary school teacher and I teach choir. I am wondering if it is possible to purchase the sheet music for "Go to Sleep" from Tee & Mo. I would love to teach it to my choir as it is a beautiful song. Many thanks, Ann


The cbeebies website had some amazing games for young kids around 2005. Based on the shows "Big Cook Little Cook" and "Come Outside" and so on. Why have those games been removed from the website? I understand that most of those shows are not airing today but the games could have been left online. Please, if there is any chance that those games can be put back on the website.


Hi My daughter Leah is 4, born May 2015, and would love to be in the audience for CBeebies Swashbuckle show. She loves the show so much, jumps around singing and dancing to every tune and scene, and is constantly talking about how she'd love to be in the show. She has started drawing pictures for all the cast members for when she meets them. Please let me know if it's possible to be an audience member, and if so, what we would need to do. Many thanks in advance Barry Doyle

Jiagen Li

Dear BBC I am writing to find out whether the Moon and Me toys are sold in China.My daughter like Moon and Me very much,but alibaba does not sell it. If there is any selling in China,please tell me the way to buy,if not,I hope I can participate in the sales agency of Moon and Me toys. I am looking forward to your reply.

Gulin Erdogan

To whom it may concern,

My daugther is a big fan of swashbuckle. We will visit London on the 18th of January. Until 25th of jan. Is there any chance we take part in the Swashbuckle or be a guest on the show? Cemre, my girl is 6 years old. I would really appreaciate your response asap.

Best Regards,

Gulin Erdogan


Hi, saw a video clip on chinese zodiac from CBeebies youtube channel. Wondering what the fee would be, if any, if we show this clip to our employees at a lunar new year celebration event we are hosting? we would very much like to education them on the chinese zodiac. We are an employee resource group with very limited budget to plan this event. Please let me know. Our event is in 2 weeks. Thank you so much!


My children would love to take part in "My Pet and Me". Is it still possible to apply for this show? If so, could you please let me know the application process. Many thanks, Katie McEnroe.