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On your programme this afternoon at about 16:53 there was a mention of Gibraltar. Please note Gibraltar is not part of Spain and hasn't been since 1704. Therefore the birds flying were flying from the British Overseas Territory called Gibraltar. Quite a mistake on CBeebies behalf!


Hello my little boy is 5 he is obsessed with the number blocks I seen you can get them with a magazine I was wondering could I buy them from yous as people are selling them on eBay but prices are very high thank you :)


Hello, I want to find out information on the live shows but the international website has no mention of them How can an Irish based family get tickets for the live shows? Thanks


This comment, or suggestion is for Numberblocks. If you haven't already created 36, I would like to tell you my fan creation of 36: She is shy, and is a super rectangle, but does not like showing her rays to everyone except for 12 and 18. She is made of two 18's, so she is faster than 18. Only the other step squads know that she is a step squad, too, and nobody probably could guess, because her eyes aren't the usual step squad eyes. She's usually in a square shape( "I am 36. In all the flare, ain't I a square?"). That only adds on to the disguise of not being a step squad. The spot where she practices her rays is the beach, and she lives in a beach house. So, could you please use my 36 in the episodes?

P.S. 36 can be formed by 30 and 6, playing a game.


To Sir/Madam,

My 4 year old son is a big fan of the program squash buckle and i was just wondering how you go about getting tickets to be in the audience of the show? Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Deena O'Reilly


Hello. As of feb 1. 2020 the furchester hotel will be no longer available on netflix in the US. our household has been watching on netflix for years and are very sad over this. What other ways can we find episodes to watch or purchase?


Hi all, Thank you so much for the super work done on Swashbuckle


Hello, we have found numberblocks on youtube and my son really enjoys the shows for learning math. I have tried to go to and click watch episodes but it only redirects me to spanish shows on We are in the United States, is it possible to stream the whole shows from somewhere? Thank you!


I have spent almost a whole month trying to look for a show that apparently seems to have been lost into thin air. My son has fallen in love with the show The Furchester Hotel. Not only am i infuriated that that show is not going to be available to me after the first on Netflix, but i can't find the show anywhere else! No box sets. No streaming service has it. My son literally only stops having fits when watching this show. I want to know why i cannot find this show anywhere and why it is going off of Netflix.


We live in the USA and my toddler absolutely adores The Furchester Hotel. Netflix is removing it as of Feb 1st, 2020. Is there a way we can purchase the DVD/Blu-Ray with us format? My son is special needs and this show is the only thing that calms him.