Information about Katie Morag

Target Age

2-5 year olds

Episode Duration

15 minutes

Show Summary

Katie Morag is a small red-headed girl who lives with her family on the beautiful, remote, fictional Scottish island of Struay. Her adventures are full of feelings and experiences that children will recognise and can identify with. Katie Morag's stories are full of rivalry, bravery and even jealousy – she has an annoying little brother, busy shopkeeper parents, a perfect best friend and a two grandmothers who know everything about everything!

Based on the much-loved series of books by Mairi Hedderwick, the Katie Morag stories celebrate the universal joys and tensions of family life and explore the sense of community and preciousness of the environment on the island where the little girl lives.

Main Characters

Katie Morag - Katie Morag is a feisty, red-headed girl who lives with her family on the magical Scottish Island of Struay. She likes animals, reading, playing with her friends Sacha and Agnes and exploring the island.

Peter McColl - Peter is Katie Morag's dad and he is the shopkeeper of the local village shop on Struay.

Isobel McColl - Isobel is Peter's wife and the mother of Katie Morag, Liam and Flora Ann. She is also the postmistress of the village.

Liam - Liam is Katie Morag's annoying little brother!

Flora Ann - Flora Ann is Katie Morag and Liam's baby sister.

Grannie Island and Granma Mainland - Katie Morag's beloved grandmothers!

Educational Benefits

Katie Morag helps children to:

  • Understand the world around them.
  • Communicate with others.
  • Explore their emotions and behaviour.