Information about The Numtums

Target Age

2-4 year olds

Episode Duration

11 minutes

Show Summary

The Numtums are animated creatures, each with a number on its tummy. They’re bright, energetic and love playing together. Each show introduces young children to the numbers 1-10 using a series of songs, games and fun animations. Each episode focuses on a different number and features counting songs and real children, often in comical sketches. Mixing animation with live action, the shows are fast, addictive and really help young viewers to identify and start talking about numbers.

Main Characters

The Numtums – The Numtums are actually Numbats, which are rare marsupials native to Western Australia. They are different colours, shapes and sizes but they all have stripy long tails, sticky up ears and numbers on their tummies. They love to dance, sing and count. Number seven and ten are the tallest, while number eight is the smallest.

Educational Benefits

The Numtums helps children to:

  • Recognise different numbers.
  • Learn to count from 1-10 and know where each number comes in the sequence.
  • Gain confidence using numbers.
  • Become interested in maths and understand basic concepts of quantity such as ‘more’, ‘less’ and ‘a lot’.